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Born and raised in Southern California, Real Estate has always been a passion of mine. Rather than begin my career in Real Estate as an agent, I began as a Real Estate appraiser. I wanted to understand homes in a completely different way. I wanted to understand and comprehend how the value was generated. What makes one home more valuable than another? What improvements garner the most return on investment? I have spent over a decade as an appraiser in the greater Los Angeles area and learned through the years how to understand not only home values but also trends that can contribute to or diminish a home's value. Now, as an agent, I get to look at the home buying and selling process through an experienced eye. It is this experience that I use to help my clients through all aspects of their specific real estate needs.

Family Man

The family has always been the most important thing to me, including my extended family, in-laws, and furry family members. I know what it felt like when my family purchased our first home; scary, exciting, nerve-wracking, you name an emotion, we felt it. That’s why I put so much time and care into every aspect of the purchase or sale of my client’s homes, I have been in your shoes, and when you are my client, you are treated like family.

Golf Goals

Aside from family and Real Estate, Golf is my passion. Like many other lovers of this all-consuming addictive sport, I dream of becoming good enough to make the Senior Tour, it’s my dream and nobody can take it from me, except the PGA that is. In the meantime, I enjoy all the practice I do to make the tour. 

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